A look into the future. The sex and gender pharmacology

Pubblicato il: 25 Febbraio 2021|

HPS – Health Publishing And Services

Ilaria Campesi
Delia Colombo
Flavia Franconi

1. Sex and gender
2. Some pitfalls in studying sex and gender pharmacology
3. Microbiome and microbiota: new factors in sexual dimorphism of drug response
4. Pharmacometabolomics in gender pharmacology
5. Pharmacokinetic: the drug travel in the body
6. Pharmacodynamics: how drugs work
7. Drugs and self-medications utilization and adherence need to put gender glasses
8. Gender issues in drugs-lifestyles and drug-drug interactions
9. Gender issues in adverse drug reactions: women are not small men
10. Women are not small men: sex-related differences in cholinergic drugs

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