As a starting point of our integrated strategic communication programs, we analyse the competitive landscape with the customer, leveraging our internal knowledge and expertise with a solid network of experts.

We analyse the available data and complement it with specific research activities to map-out the competitive scenario through surveys and targeted interviews

Advisory Board

Advisory boards allow us to obtain strategic insights on relevant topics, thus helping in defining the key messages. The boards can be mono- or multidisciplinary, in person or remotely through video conference.

Advisory boards can focus in a variety of different areas that can be summarized as follows:

  • Clinical research and evidence: clinical study protocols, changes in the diagnostic and therapeutic landscape
  • Patient journey and clinical practice: analysis of unmet needs, optimal management of patients in clinical practice, sharing and development of the so-called diagnostic and therapeutic pathways (PDTA) at the regional level and multidisciplinary boards
  • Product positioning and communication: perception of the value proposition of product and services, communication needs, evaluation of tools and KPIs of scientific communication activities
  • Regulatory and Market Access: discussion on studies of outcomes research, analysis of product differentiation, legislation pathways of approval of novel products and indications at the national and regional levels.

We assist our clients along the entire journey:

  • Selection of KOLs and organizing secretariat
  • Development of agenda
  • Logistical and technological support in board organization
  • Development of slide decks and any other required meeting material
  • Chairmanship of the event
  • Preparation of the editorial output of the meeting

Often, advisory boards lead to content that is later submitted for publication in peer-reviewed and indexed journals.

Competitor Insight

As a core activity, we analyze the competitive landscape, both current and in perspective, based on a careful integration of information from guidelines, market data, prescribing habits and new launches.
We also study the competitive landscape for an optimal communication, corporate and product focused.


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